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The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich- Bay Area Contract and Business Trial Attorneys

When a business, family or friend, fails to perform on a written or oral agreement as promised, legal action may be warranted. We defend and prosecute these cases. If you or your business have been wronged in a business or contract issue, you need an attorney that will consider your needs, and zealously advocate for you. Choose The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich.

Every situation is different, and our goal is to tailor our approach to the unique needs of your dispute. In many cases, our clients have a family or other significant ongoing relationship with the other side which must be considered. The present economy has placed added pressures on business owners and customers alike; causing complications which were never anticipated. We tailor your representation to account for these unique situations, and provide counsel which can get you through a dispute in a way that makes sense. We can help you through it- efficiently and economically. Our attorneys handle legal issues related to many different kinds of business and contract disputes. For example:

While lawyers at The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich will be ready to go to trial to resolve your business or contract dispute, we know, and our clients recognize that commercial litigation is often not the best course of action. In addition to our full cadre of litigation experience, our attorneys strategically engage in settlement negotiations, mediation and arbitration to keep you in business, protect your interests, preserve your reputation, and save you money.

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