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Our client prevails in hotly contested civil rights claim-Hopkins v. Bonvicino

Practice Areas

Our practice areas reflect our extensive experience, concern for important social issues and the desire to assist our clients through the most difficult challenges in their lives. Our areas of specialty include:

Catastrophic Personal Injury

No matter what the cause of injury, we are particularly adept at positioning your case for resolution to maximize financial recovery for you, while insulating you from a majority of the trauma of a lawsuit; allowing you to heal. Learn more >

Civil Rights and Police Misconduct

We excel in our ability to maneuver local, state, and federal roadblocks in order to protect your rights and hold government accountable for abuse at all levels. This area of practice includes police abuse, excessive force, and prisoner rights cases. Learn more >

Contract and Business Disputes

If you or your business has been wronged in a business or contract issue, you need an attorney that will zealously advocate for you - to keep you in business, protect your interests, preserve your reputation, and save you money. Learn more about how we can help you with your contract dispute >

Criminal Defense

When you retain us to defend your criminal matter, we will tailor your defense to fit your needs; protecting your liberty and reputation, and helping you make the best decisions to help yourself. Learn more >

Family Law

Divorce, child custody, spousal abuse and property rights disputes are emotionally charged, and can be very complicated. We believe that principled negotiation with an ethical focus can resolve a majority of family law disputes, protect your rights, and maintain your sanity. We represent clients from separation through trial; attempting to resolve these cases early, while reducing the drama. When it comes to trial, we will vigorously represent you in the litigation process. Find out more about our Family Law practice >

Medical Malpractice

California has a medical malpractice claims system which is highly controlled and primarily for the benefit of insurance companies representing doctors. What you should know is that despite the rules and limitations, the system can be skillfully navigated to obtain reasonable compensation for those injured by events of medical malpractice, whether mistakes were committed by a doctor, therapist, or medical facility. Learn more >

Real Estate Litigation

Whether problems arise in purchase of a home, or purchase of a shopping center, buyers have the right to expect that their new property will be free of surprises, and that they haven't been misled. Sellers have the right to demand that buyers take responsibility for their own actions, read disclosures, and conduct adequate inspections prior to purchase. Whichever side you find yourself on in these disputes, we can help you efficiently and economically navigate these cases toward a fair resolution. Find out more >

Wrongful Death

The courts can never fully compensate a family for the loss of a loved one. However, we help clients obtain redress, and hold defendants accountable. We are advocates and innovators, leveraging expertise, dedicated attorneys and staff, high-tech courtroom exhibits and experts into a team that wins cases and provides fair resolution for those who need closure and accountability for their loss. We explain some of the important aspects of this area here >