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To listen to politicians, the biggest problem with health care is attorneys. We vehemently disagree, and so do they when something bad happens to them or their family. We know; they've come to us. Living and practicing law in California allows us to point to a medical malpractice claims system which is highly controlled, and primarily for the benefit of doctor’s insurance companies. What most people don't realize is that despite the rules and limitations, the system can be skillfully navigated to obtain reasonable compensation for those injured by events of medical malpractice; whether it was committed by a doctor, therapist or medical facility. We understand these rules, and work diligently to turn the tables on the insurance companies whose goal is to attempt to limit or eliminate ALL malpractice claims.

The Institute of Medicine reports that each year more than 98,000 Americans die because of medical mistakes. Many more suffer permanent and serious injuries. These outrageous rates of medical errors "resulting in deaths, permanent disability and unnecessary suffering" are simply unacceptable in a medical system that promises first to "do no harm."

We understand that the majority of medical errors do not result from individual recklessness, but from basic flaws in the way the health system is organized. Thus, not every bad outcome means that malpractice was committed. How are you supposed to know the difference? We can make sense of it for you.

Medical Malpractice cases can involve virtually any aspect of medical care or treatment; however, the most common issues arise from:

The law on medical malpractice is complex and requires the particular expertise of a lawyer who extensively handles these types of cases. At The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich, we work closely with our clients to educate them on the process as well as explain the legal standards, and the relative risks and benefits of making a medical malpractice claim. Our practice emphasizes analysis of medical malpractice claims toward a goal of exposure of harmful practices by medical practitioners and facilities, as well as reasonable compensation for injuries under the law.

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