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Our client prevails in hotly contested civil rights claim-Hopkins v. Bonvicino

Civil Rights and Police Misconduct

The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich - Bay Area Trial Attorneys for Civil Rights, Police Abuse and Police Misconduct

We all want to believe that the police, the jail, and other governmental entities exist for our benefit and will treat us both lawfully and equally. While this is for the most part true, government is staffed with human beings who all too often succumb to the excesses and vices that power provides and results in violations of our fundamental rights. This can manifest itself in unlawful arrests, excessive force, failure to provide adequate medical care, and outright discrimination.

While many lawyers claim to be competent in these situations, the sad reality is that most are not. It takes a high degree of courage and skill to stand up to power. At The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich, we pride ourselves in our proven ability to maneuver local, state and federal roadblocks in order to protect your rights and stop governmental abuse at all levels.

Civil rights law is complicated and civil rights litigation is unlike other types of cases with many traps that can sabotage your case and even get it thrown out on a technicality. Many so-called "experts" do not even know what court to file in.

Tony Boskovich leads the firm’s civil rights practice. As a dedicated advocate for victims of abuse, Tony has litigated over one hundred police misconduct and prisoner rights cases with an experienced eye on both the law, the individual facts, and, quite frankly, the reality of what happens on the street and in jail. These cases are all important, and have been acknowledged as such by judges, the government, and the media.

Despite having never sought out press coverage, our cases land on the front page of newspapers on average once a year, and we are regularly consulted by the media, other lawyers, and, civil rights organizations. Whether your case is a front-page story, or simply something you feel strongly about, The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich is able to guide you through the process of civil rights litigation, and redress abuses of governmental authority. To see an example of one of our more recent, significant civil rights cases, see the following SF Gate article:

Click here to see the full text of the Hopkins decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Civil rights, police misconduct and abuse are areas of the law where there is absolutely no substitute for experience and common sense. At The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich, we have both, and will put them to work for you.

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