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The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich- Bay Area Real Estate Dispute Trial Attorneys

Our experienced trial attorneys represent clients in a number of real estate litigation matters. These disputes generally involve a failure to disclose something about a home or commercial building; or problems arising in title, breach of contract during the sale transaction, or fraud of agents or brokers.

Asserting or defending claims for a Seller's Failure to Disclose Defects

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich understand the significance of a real estate purchase or sale, whether it is a residential real estate purchase of a home, or a commercial real estate purchase of a shopping center. Buyers have the right to expect that their new property will be free of surprises. Sellers on the other hand, have the right to demand that buyers take responsibility for their own actions, read disclosures, and conduct adequate inspections prior to purchase. Whichever side you find yourself on in these disputes, we can help you efficiently and economically navigate these cases. Because these matters involve a combination of contract litigation as well as technical aspects of construction litigation and property inspection, you need attorneys with experience with these particular problems.

We can put our knowledge and experience to work for you on either side of the courtroom. The Law Offices of Anthony Boskovich can help you in cases involving failure to disclose any type of defect or design flaw, including:

In many cases, these problems do not reveal themselves until months or years after the purchase of a piece of real estate. You may still have options. Our lawyers can help you get compensation to repair the defect that the seller failed to reveal, or we can seek to have the purchase rescinded altogether, depending on the severity of the flaws.

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